Thursday, November 27, 2008


You know...
i can't focus for everything i do nowadays
i feel strange!
don't know whts wrong with me
i can't stop thinking about it!

i guess, i can't forget...
the way u smile
the way u close ur eyes by ur finger to tease me
the way u joking and say hello to anyone
the way u being humble every situation

whn i thinking back about it, i thought may be i juz adore u...
whn u always do ur best to help all people around u
whn u always be ur self no matter it happen
whn u remind me to always praying to God
whn u give me some advise for my problem
whn u said tht problem muz be has escape

i still feel confuse!
why my heart always beating?
whn u hold my hand
whn u talk to me even it juz say hello
whn u said 'glad to meet u' to me
whn u take me to ur arms whn i'm not ok

then i thinking about it, again!
and i thought u made me going crazy

i juz relize i love every time i spent with u
and i always enjoy tht moment

my heart make conclusion
tht i love u, ya... i love u...
it's not juz guesses!
and i never hestitate to considered about it
cause my heart has choose u
choose u to filling empty room there, in deep inside...

poem by Dita Oktamaya

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