Friday, November 28, 2008


My Little girl...
u may never know wht i'm feeling inside
when in the sudden u came to my life
u may never know wht i really wnt to do coz feel so happy
when u said u will call me onni from now
u may never know how a big thankful to God
when i found treasure tht is u

my little girl...
u know i love u more
u know i always trying to protect u
u know i always finding hard when heard tht u not ok
u know i always want to accompany u everysecond in my life

my little girl...
did u know i also cry whn u cry?
did u know my heart is so pain whn u said u got heartache?
did u know i will die if i lost u?
did u know i can't do anything if u leave me?
did u know about tht?

my little girl...
i wnt u to know smthng about me
as u know i'm unperfect girl
i can't always beside u everyday even my heart always pretend
i'm just poor girl tht always wnt to provide shoulder to u
i juz an ordinary girl tht had nothing exept my heart and hand
heart to love u and hand to swept away everytears fall down from ur eyes
i juz silly girl tht wnt to make u smile and happy and also comfortable whn u spent time with me
i juz unperfect girl dear...
tht always wnt to give perfect thing in my life to u...

my little girl...
u muz know about it
u muz know i love u not coz of u cute
i care for u not coz of u rich
i wnt to be ur onni forever in my lifetime not coz of people also wnt to be like tht
i love u coz u're my little sister
i care for u coz u're everything for me
i wnt to be ur onni forever coz u're my treausre tht i wnt to keep always

my little girl...
thankful u already enter to my life
choose me as ur onni is my proudness
and i wnt u to know one thing
i always around u, from far away i'll protect u
u may can't see but u can feel tht i'm there, accompany u...
i'll be by ur side and stay there
so u can be strong girl whn u not ok
coz i'm sure in ur heart u already keep me deep inside, as i do for u...
i always keep u in my deep heart and u will stay there forever...
don't ever change ur self little girl...
coz for me u're not juz cyber yuh dong seng but u're real...
and juz wnt one word tht i can say about my life since u came, COMPLETED!

poem by Dita Oktamaya

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