Friday, April 24, 2009

She's More Than A Sister

Now let me to introduce person tht close with me by personal here we come...

Name : Utami Nurul Fadilah
Date Birth : June, 16 1988
Position in my life : Sister/soulmate/Breaker my stuff

well, she is my sister i dunno wht must i'm telling to u about her... =.="
she's studying in university now, her dream is become good pharmasist and wedding in youth age..become good mother and have family happly ever after!!
when was kid, she always keep nagging and yelling at the youngest i just can be crybaby! and up to now, i think she loves to make me cries... =.="

she always do as a boss, ask me to put it on here, on there, do it, do tht..
ouwhh..she bother me alot!!

but u know wht, nowadays she makes confess about our childhood,
a long time ago, my cousin had marriage with her wife in one city called Madiun
i didn't come there coz my school (i'm still in kindegarten tht time) has one performance tht put me as the dancer, so tht time is my first time when me and her separated...
she told me tht she can't stop cried when she arrive in Madiun, she cried loud behind the bus's window...she cried loud and close her eyes to make ppl around didn't relize tht she's cried...
she told me tht she was cried coz of me, she never separated with me and she missed me a lot there..
she thinked tht i must be feel alone in jakarta without her..
when i heard about it nowadays, i just laughed! pity is she!!!
then she is laughed until die..

she told me, even we're always fight and do something crazy tht annoyed, but we're really close..
and i think ya, she's right...
all the thing in my life she always know..
she knows all of my secret!!~~~
hehehe..and only her know me as my self...^^

u know wht, when i lost my friends, she cried louder than me..
she told me she feel so angry with my friend tht talked behind me and left me as a dump!

u know, budd..
sometimes life get so hard, people come and go, left behind...i ever feel like tht when my close friends leave me because i didn't match with their lifestyle..
diverge sometimes so cruel, isn't it??
they talked behind me as if i'm their envy...yaaa...diverge is cruel, but disguise friend is more cruel!

well, forget it..i think i already forgive they all..even hurts still fill my heart...

ok then, still about my sister..yahh..u know tht...
she's kinda silly and we always do something silly until now...

(Sister and me)

(sister and me)

silly rite??
thts we are..silly siblings!!~~

well, dude..
life is sometimes get so hard and situation is get so cruel
but i know, how hard and cruel life is, she won't leave me alone...coz she's number one for me and i'm number one for her...

thts what sister is for, she's more than sister and it's more than sisterhood.

by Dita Oktamaya

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