Friday, April 24, 2009

My Little Girls, My Little Sisters

Hi there!!!~~~~
long time no see!
nope, it just few days we didn't meet..

i dunno wht must i telling to u all, coz my day just as usual..
coz i faced final exam and today is my last day face the final exam!
know that i'm starting fed up with my activities, pathetic... =.="
i need something new~~~~~!!!!!

then forget it!
well, as u know... i'm the youngest in my family, i don't have any little sister or brother, so its make me feel alone even i'm happy to be the youngest...^^

so, maybe my lonliness tht no have any little sister or brother, increasing, since my big sister live in boarding house coz of studying!
in home everyday when went back from school, i'm just doing assignment and homework, sleep, eat, praying to my God tht must taking 5 times per a day, thats all...
sometimes i writting novel and some poem, unfortunely not all of u can read all of my novel and poem, coz it in indonesian, but maybe i can translate it later (with broken english, for sure) if u want^^

anyway, may be loneliness bring me to cyber world tht having a lot of people using it, u can connected with other people around the world, and coz of it, i got my little sisters and even new family there, without my realize they all come from place tht being my utopia (dream place).

well, let me to introduce my two lovely little sisters in cyber world(i never feel they are my cyber little sister coz they are real for me and someday i always hope i can meet with them)
here we go :

above is picture of my first lovely little sister, named Hong Young Gi, born at 1992, she come from South of korea, she lives in Gwang-ju...she's really cute!hahaha...well, sstt...don't tell it to her, coz she always shy...hahaha..she's smart girl, she always curious about something then she asking me, and i'll try to answering wht the thing tht become her question...^^
we meet in one site by chance, she gave me her email tht we can chat easly...i'm happy when first time i'm chat with her and she also like tht, she's open minded and she trust me,
she also allergi with flower, in spring season she must be bring her handkerchief and her mask, to make her not too much to sneeze!

i love her so much!

i always waiting time tht can chat with her all day, we talk about anything, she loves cat!
and she also introducing me with her little sister and big sister, they all 3 siblings...
her little sister is name Hong Hee Jung and her big sister is name Hong Ji Young, they all really friendly even ji young onni ever jeolous at me coz notice tht i had steal her little sister (Young Gi and Hee Jung) from her, i explain everything to her and she say thanks coz had take care of her sisters when she busy with her bussiness...thts make me love they all and including they parents too^^
they are my new family from overseas^^
but now, i guess, Young Gi is busy with her stuff, she can't often online in cyber world, so do i...
then we didn't talk for long time...I MISS HER BADLY!!!!!~~~
but i proud of her coz now she become a model..good job lovely...^^

above is picture of my second lovely little sister, named Ayumi Inoue born at 1993, she come from Japan, she lives in Yokohama near Tokyo..she's really friendly with all people ... i meet her also by chance, firstly we didn't talk for long time, but then she came and talk about everything with her, she makes new people tht new know her feel already knows her before, she treat all people really good...^^
she's member of cheerleader club in her school, she's really attractive and smart girl, look at her, she loves her bear doll, teddy bear...and she also loves her cat! But, her cat already passed away, she really sad coz of it, but i told her she should be out of sadness coz her cat will happy 'there' as long as she's happy...
she loves to praise me and make me fly, hahaha..i told her to do not praise me a lot, but she keep praising me...she also introduce me with her little brother, his name is Takara Inoue, she's the oldest in her family and she wanted big sister and she said she already found tht i am as her big sister...^^
she's really cute u know, and i love her so much...

that's short story about of my two lovely little sisters tht make me completely..i'm just such a lucky girl in this world tht found them in my life, tht always trying and hoping to meet them by person in real life...i dunno wht they feel to me but i know i love them a lot and as i can i wnt to protect them (even i know my height is less than their), everyone tht wnt to hurts them, please back off, coz i won't let u to hurts them...and i thankful to God coz i found u both!!~~
whatever it takes, i just want to be your best sister tht u ever have, let me to do my best..

by Dita Oktamaya

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