Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Believe in my God
i'm not perfect in praying that need five times to do
But i know he always never tired to leads me so that i want to make my pray better

Finding hard to show what i'm feeling inside

Clumsly and instead being crazy

Laughing, kidding, and joking until you all wanna die
because of my joke and all the funny things that i tell is never imagine by you all

Spent time to read a book because i am such a books freak!

People said that i am imaginatif and dreamer
i'm one of a dreamer, so i don't need to angry with them

People said that i am seems like liar because never tell what i am feeling inside
but instead write some poem and novel about it
well, i show what i'm feeling inside by my own way, am i wrong??

make list and schedule about my activities
i'm not perfect and always do something wrong
so i make it because i want to all the things i have done and will do under my control!

Hope that do sincerely can give happiness to all people in my life

Searching for the meaning of life and aim in my life
even if all the people around me said : "It's too earlier to think about it, Dita!"

Never thinking about my problem in my life so deep
because i know the problem comes not just to think but to settle

I may be never tell that i am care about all the people in my life
but honestly deep inside my heart, i do

poem by Dita Oktamaya


Reevo Saulus said...

asiiiik dah =D

by the way, lo pake spell check deh dit, ada kata2 yg salah tulis tuh hehehehe :)

dita oktamaya said...

to : Reevo Saulus
hahha...oke deh...
emg iya ya?ok nanti gw check.... =)
thanks for ur concern dear..^^