Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Life is Begin!

Dear all beloved people in my life,
Thanks for all of your wishes. I accepted in one of best university in Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Majoring in Korean Literature, the major which i dreamt of. I know this is not the end of my fight, but it is the beginning.
Thanks for my God who always leading me, my family who always stay by my side in every second i breath, my friends in Jakarta whom i'll leave for soon, this city have so much great things (the polution is not including!), and of course thanks to you all who always supporting me! I really appreciate your wishes for me. Hope you are always in Health condition. Keep in touch and Stay unique!

With love, Dita Oktamaya

By Dita Oktamaya


Reevo Saulus said...

dita my dear .. congratz .. thanks for being a good friend of mine :) will miss u fo sho ;)

p.s. if i decide to go to Yogyakarta, would love to contact you :)

dita oktamaya said...

to : reevo saulus
yup dear, thanks to u also. I'm really am, i will! missing u a lot, missing u about the jumping one and take a walk together by transjakarta. well, thats sad enough to memorize, but that is fact. hope we meet with succeed in our hand. Amin

p.s. sure i'd love to guiding u there, with bunch of my friends who will be your new friends :)

Anonymous said...

eh eh.. uda baca postingan ini belum ya? sekali lagi, selamat, Dit! ;)

dita oktamaya said...

to : kak neno
siapp kak!!! makasih yaaa.. :)
ke jakartanya nanti pas aku liburan aja, hohoho.. :)