Monday, February 15, 2010

A Letter For Her

Masih banyak waktu, katamu
aku yang memelukmu, enggan melepasnya
menatap mata mungilmu, kapan lagi?
(There is much time, you said
I hugged you, and trust me i don't want to let you go.
I was looking at your small eyes, but when?)
Masih banyak waktu, ucapmu menenangkanku
mengusap airmata yang mengalir di pipiku
Jangan menangis! Dengarkan kakakmu!
(There is much time, you said it to make me calm.
You wiped my tears upon my cheek, don't cry! Listen to me, your sister!)
Aku menatap matamu yang mungil
yang entah kapan lagi aku dapat menatapnya seperti itu
Aku memelukmu sekali lagi, lebih erat
(I was looking at your small eyes
and i don't know when will i could to see your small eyes like that, again.
I hugged you, for one more time, tighter)
Hiduplah dengan baik, bisikku
Jaga dirimu untukku karena kau begitu berharga
Dan kau menangis! Begitu tersedu dan aku pun begitu
(Please live comfortly, i wishpered
and please take care of yourself for me because you're so precious to me.
And you cried! Cried a lot and so do i)
Masih banyak waktu, kataku
menatap mata mungilmu dengan lebih tegar
dan yakinlah suatu saat kita dapat bertemu lagi, entah kapanpun itu
(There is much time, i said
looked at your small eyes with smile
and trust me, someday we will meet again, even if we don't know when will it happens)
Kamu mengangguk, masih banyak waktu
aku menatap mata mungilmu sekali lagi, kita saling menatap
Jangan menangis, pintaku
Kamu tersenyum, tidak akan lagi, kita berpisah dengan bahagia
(You agreed to me, there is much time
I was looking at your eyes for one more time again, we were looking at each other
please don't cry, i begged you
You smile, not anymore, we will separated with the happiness within')
Kamu mengusap rambutku, dan menciumnya
Aku akan sangat merindukanmu, ucapmu
Aku tersenyum, sebelum kau pergi aku pun selalu merindukanmu
(You touched my hair and give me a kissed
I will miss you a lot, you said
i smiled, before you go and leave i always missing you, everytime)
Kamu tersenyum singkat, kemudian menangis lagi
Jaga dirimu, janji ya? Dan kamu mengangguk dalam pelukanku
Aku selalu merindukanmu, kakakku
(You smiled just for awhile and then cried again
Please take care yourself, promise me? I always missing you, my sister)
See? I'm missing you. It's true. I'm dying to meet you right now. What are you doing there?
Does everything's going right? Does you spend your days without anyhard? I wonder.
언니 (Sister), you know i never being so nice to you. Always did wrong things, careless, and the things that i always did wrong the most is i'm a kind of silly girl who only little bit could understand what you said, but i do love you 언니 (Sister).
You always talked to me, even if you know that i probably didn't know what things that you always said in your own language (Korean language), but i forced myself to get it, and yeah i got it! Even if you have to speak your story, slowly and repeatly, i'm sorry for that. And i promise you to improve my Korean Language, so that you wouldn't worry anymore and use english to talk to me, someday. We will meet again, right? I hope so.
I miss you 언니 (Sister). Did i ever told you that i'm a writer? Just joking, but my book has published a year ago, it just because i was included 25 persons whose short story was choosen by publisher, nothing special. ㅋㅋㅋ
Now, do you have anything you want to share? Because i have one, no no, two, or three??No, i guess i have a lot of things to talk to you, to share with you. See? i told you, you got silly sister in Indonesia. Hope you didn't regret and please don't. ㅋㅋㅋ
언니 (Sister), will you let me to say something? I missed you. I'm missing you. I miss you. With all my heart. You know, it's hard to separated with you, separated that far until i always cry when i remaind of our memories here, in Indonesia.
It's okay if you not remember all of our memories, but please remember about our sisterhood. About the promise which we had take, about our silly jokes, and about the hat and the letter that you had give to me. I remember all, that's why i write this letter to you. I write this to you, 언니 (Sister).
Guess what? I always wonder what are you doing in there, what kind of friend that you meet each day, what kind of food that you eat everytime, what kind of subject that you learn every schooltime, i always curious about you. Do you curious about me? ㅋㅋㅋ
I always wanted to know, how busy 서울 (Seoul) until i always wonder, did you eat your meal on time? Did you reach your school on time? Did you feel tiring and almost giving up to your activities? I wonder about it 언니 (Sister). I always wonder every single small things that you do in there, in Korea, in your home, in your school. Am i stupid? Yes, i really am and i also silly.
Dear 언니 (Sister), you know i always wanted to have time when we can meet again, the moment which will raise our memories. You also know that i want to studying in there, 서울 (Seoul), i know it's hard to make it come true, but someday i will. For my future, my parent, you, and our memories. So, wish me luck! Please pray for me!
Now, let me to hug you tightly from far away, because i'm afraid that i will fall faint if i didn't do it. I'm missing you 언니 (Sister), this time, yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, everytime, every single i breath. I'm missing you as always. I really am. Even if you used to be by my side a couple days ago. I always missed you even if i looking at your face days ago.
I love you 언니 (Sister) and it won't change by anything. Sisterhood won't broken up by anything, right? Please 언니 (Sister), please take care of yourself, please live comfortly and happyly, because your happiness is my breath. Please don't cry, because your tears is my pain. Please be happy 언니 (Sister), because someday when we meet again, i want to see your smiling eyes dan hear your laugh, whenever it is until it come to the truth, I will missing you, always.


Dedicate to : 황지희 (Hwang Jihee), the person who always give me smile when we both had spend our holidays together at pasific asia society program in Indonesia. Thanks for everything, Dear. You're so lovely. Thanks for choose me as your little sister for the first and the last. With you, i know the beautiful of Friendship and Sisterhood. Please take care of yourself, because so do i. Until we meet again and we could take care of ourselve each other. I miss and love you,always. Your little sister, 황하늘 (Hwang Haneul).

by Dita Oktamaya


Erika said...

ihik ihik :'( temen koreamu yang waktu itu acara UGM itu ya dit?

dita oktamaya said...

@ Erika : iya rik, sedih ditinggalin, udah deket banget soalnya, huhu